We’re Online!

sammie.jpgWelcome to the Sammie’s Circle Website!!

With this site, you’ll find helpful information, a list of upcoming events, wonderful stories, and a fun photo gallery. We are eager to share our excitement with the rest of the cyber-world, as well as with our dear ones that are close. Please feel free to peruse the website, and in doing so, we’re sure you’ll understand our mission and dedication. We hope to share with everyone our goals, dreams and accomplishments via the internet, as well as reach out to all strides of life.

We have come so far in realizing our potential and the effect of our ripple of friendship. With grace, persistence and a strong alliance, we have been able to donate over $100,000 dollars to the USC Norris Center for Cancer Research. Now it’s time to reach out even further, and to spread the word. Please share this link with someone close to you, and with someone who is able to help make a difference.

Because after all, the ripple effect can make waves of change!!

Our plaque at the USC/Norris Cancer Research Center


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