Our Efforts Help One Of Our Own – The “S” Family Update!!

I received this email, after our big successful fundraiser. It’s here, in black-and-white, how our efforts help even those within our organization! This email is touching and shows what an effect our hard work has had on the cancer community in healing, treatment and cures.

“To all at Sammie’s Circle-

We are very blessed to have had Aimee and Brighton move next door to us almost 14 years ago. Now friends they introduced us to Sammie’s Circle. We have volunteered, participated and attended this wonderful charity event.

Now it is our turn to deal with the “C” word…Michael at age 51 has prostate cancer and we wanted the best of the best to help him have a long filled life.

Aimee provided us with information to talk with the Norris Center. We contacted our liaison at the center last week mentioning we were affiliated with Sammie’s Circle. She immediately hooked us up with Norma who expedited our appointment with Dr. Gill. Right away we were contacted by Dr. Gill’s office. The receptionist called us this past Monday morning, asking if we were available to meet with Dr. Gill the same day!! He is the most renowned Urologist not only in our country but in the world. We now have a date of December 17th to remove Michael’s prostate by Dr. Gill!!

Needless to say, we are extremely GRATEFUL to Sammie’s Circle and our amazing friends. We feel you all helped us get to the best of the best! Michael being a younger man needs special attention to allow him a long life ahead and we feel USC Norris will give us this!!

THANK YOU SAMMIE’S CIRCLE!!! We know because of what you do for cancer will help us!!

Always grateful,

Sheryl and Michael

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